The Language Processing Group is a research group in the Department of Language Science at the University of California, Irvine.

We study language processing in humans and machines. Our goal is to understand how human language works using computational modeling, machine learning, large datasets, behavioral experiments, and information theory.


Principal Investigator


Richard Futrell

Assistant Professor of Language Science, UC Irvine

Language, Information theory, Machine learning

Collaborating Grad Students


Ethan Wilcox

PhD Student, Harvard University

Natural Language Processing, Linguistic Theory, Psycholinguistics


Himanshu Yadav

PhD Student, University of Potsdam

Quantitative structural complexity of languages, Individual difference in sentence processing


Huteng Dai

PhD Student, Rutgers University

Theoretical phonology, Computational and experimental methods, Formal Language Theory


Michael Hahn

PhD Student, Stanford University

Human language processing, Natural language processing, How cognition shapes language


Niels Dickson

PhD Student, UC Irvine

language acquisition, cognitive constraints and efficient communication, computational models


Peng Qian

PhD Student, MIT

Cognitive basis of language, Relevance of linguistic knowledge in learning, reasoning, and judgment


Zachary Rosen

PhD Student, UC Irvine

metaphor comprehension, distributed semantics models